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Embracing creativity to push the boundaries of luxury glass packaging.

Art In Every Detail

Alux Glass believes your glass packaging should be distinctly one of a kind.  Therefore, it specializes in producing glass bottles with individual characteristics, whether they be irregular in shape, have thick bases, bubbles in the body or intricate engravings. 

This expert manufacturing capability is complimented by a comprehensive range of decoration techniques, which are used to create some of the luxury packaging industry’s most innovative glass bottles, from bespoke colours to handcrafted personalisation.

Our craftsmen employ the latest technology to colour coat and screen print bottles as well as having the ability to apply transfers, create and fix on badges and polish glass bottles.  This combination of creative resources means we have the ability to meet the decorative requirements of even the largest global spirit and cosmetic brands.

About Alux

Exquisite Glass Packaging

Inspired by perfection, Alux Glass is the place where beautiful glass packaging is made, created by the shared ambition of two of the world’s most renowned glass packaging manufactures, Allied Glass and Grupo Pavisa, the company combines exceptional design and unique craftsmanship to offer the luxury and spirits industries a unique place where creativity is nurtured and inspiration embraced.

Rooted in over 200 years of combined experience in the glass packaging industry, Alux finds its’ inspiration through its’ customers and their luxury brands.  This enthuses everyone within the business to explore, create and innovate offering the highest quality Crystaline, Extra White and coloured glass, pushing the boundaries of exquisite glass packaging in the pursuit of excellence.

At Alux Glass there is a constant drive to evolve the globally acclaimed award-winning design function, looking for new ideas whilst always supporting the team of elite designers in their quest to create exceptional bottles.  Therefore, at Alux, a culture of confidence and creativity is encouraged within every area of the business, where a combination of design intuition and a dedication to precision is the norm, enabling us to find the perfect balance of form and function for our customers and their brands.

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Alux Glass Bastiaan bottle filled with whiskey
Alux Glass Bermont bottle filled with whiskey
Alux Glass Carusso bottle filled with whiskey
Alux Glass Havan bottle filled with whiskey

Alux Glass Manufacturing

Through its’ combined facilities, Alux Glass provides an exciting and unique combination of manufacturing resources with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic production alternatives producing exquisite glass packaging of the highest technical and aesthetic standards. 

Manual glass production is used to craft bottles from luxurious Crystalline Glass.  A traditional technique which has changed very little over hundreds of years, our highly skilled artisans are committed to preserving the traditional methods of handcrafting whilst creating beautiful contemporary designs.

Alux Glass also offers semi-automatic manufacturing in Crystalline, Extra White and coloured glass for production runs of up to 2000 bottles a day, this method of manufacture being perfect for the production of more complex bottle shapes in lower volumes. 

And, to ensure an entirely flexible production offering, Alux Glass also offers the manufacture of luxury glass bottles on fully automatic machines in either Extra White or coloured glass.

Alux Glass Case Studies

The following case studies by Alux are examples of recent projects our design and manufacturing teams have worked on for our clients. Each case study shows our dynamism, creativity, glass making expertise and flexibility in manufacturing in order to deliver the best possible results for our customers. Luxury glass packaging to support premium brands with creative design and flexible manufacturing.

Alux Glass
Alux Glass
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Alux Glass

Alux Glass Partners

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A supplier of premium glass packaging to the Americas with over 60 years’ experience focussing on tequila and bourbon.  The quality of its technologies and craft of its professionals allow the company to develop a wide range of extremely complex and sophisticated shapes.

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An inspirational award-winning designer and creator of luxury glass packaging whose flexibility, creativity and passion supports a range of iconic international brands whilst also supplying products of the very highest quality to small craft producers.

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Where the spirit of excellence is encapsulated in the work of an elite team of designers who take the traditional processes of highly skilled craftsmen to incredible limits by blending tradition and innovation, design and functionality.

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