To support clients in both local and global markets, bringing passion, skill, expertise and quality of the highest standards in every aspect of our business.

Exquisite glass packaging

Inspired by perfection, Alux Glass is the place where beautiful glass packaging is made, created by the shared ambition of two of the world’s most renowned glass packaging manufactures, Allied Glass and Pavisa, the company combines exceptional design and unique craftsmanship to offer the luxury spirits and cosmetics industries a unique place where creativity is nurtured and inspiration embraced.

Rooted in over 200 years of combined experience in the glass packaging industry, Alux finds its’ inspiration through its’ customers and their luxury brands.  This enthuses everyone within the business to explore, create and innovate offering the highest quality Crystalline, Extra White and coloured glass, pushing the boundaries of exquisite glass packaging in the pursuit of excellence.

At Alux Glass there is a constant drive to evolve the globally acclaimed award-winning design function, looking for new ideas whilst always supporting the team of elite designers in their quest to create exceptional bottles.  Therefore, at Alux, a culture of confidence and creativity is encouraged within every area of the business, where a combination of design intuition and a dedication to precision is the norm, enabling us to find the perfect balance of form and function for our customers and their brands.

An agile and responsive business, with an exciting combination of resources to meet the needs of even the largest global spirit and cosmetic brands, Alux Glass has modern manufacturing facilities in both South America and Europe offering flexible and responsive production and a range of specialist machines with various individual processes to allow the production of containers from 20ml to 6 litres in size.

At Alux Glass, we believe that the aim of every piece of luxury glass packaging is to tell the brand story in a truly unique and spectacular way.  Therefore, we have a dedicated team of passionate award- winning designers who are the guardians of our vision, encouraged to push the boundaries of luxury glass packaging to deliver inspiration and innovation which is then supported by an exceptional level of technical expertise.  This combination of skills ensures that each designer can confidently and efficiently guide our customers through the new product development process. 

The designers use a range of techniques to create the finest glass packaging, the process beginning with idea generation and sketching of initial concepts.  These ideas of then continuously evaluated using modern technology and a 3D printing capability which ensures that the designs not only fulfil technical requirements but also realise our customers’ vision for their brand.

Recognised for its design ingenuity and the superior quality of its’ products, Alux Glass is committed to providing the most complete luxury glass packaging offering to global customers, its expert manufacturing and decoration capability being supported by a highly experienced team both in the UK and Mexico who are enthusiastic about the possibilities created by luxury glass manufacturing. 

They are happy to support our customers through every step of the NPD process and as every single project is unique, Alux Glass creates an individual team to work on each project, their role being to appreciate the unique characteristics of the brand and provide advice for design and manufacturing execution.

Custom Packaging

At Alux Glass, we believe in the artistry of glass and so use a perfect blend of inspiration and innovation to create the very finest luxury glass packaging.

Bringing brands to life

At Alux Glass we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of luxury glass packaging to create exceptional glass bottles for our customers’ exceptional spirit brands. 

Decoration excellence

Alux Glass is expert in advanced glass bottle decoration, offering a wide range of techniques which either individually or combine to create outstanding luxury glass packaging solutions.

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